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Bega Valley Beekeepers is a community of passionate, small scale beekeepers, who are always willing to share their knowledge and experience, and to mentor anyone new to beekeeping.  We have an interesting and diverse membership from the Victorian border to Mollymook, and up into the Monaro Region. 

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Beekeeping is not just a hobby, it's a passion. Whether you are a backyard beekeeper or a professional, Bega Valley Beekeepers provides you with the opportunity to share, learn and be inspired by others. With around 100 members, we provide members with access to all Club equipment, Club Shop, a library of learning resources,  discount on courses, PLUS a welcoming and enthusiastic beekeeping community. 


Found a swarm? The best advice is to leave it alone, because swarming bees won't harm you unless you interfere with them.  An experienced beekeeper though can safely remove them to another more suitable location to continue their important role in the environment.